Welcome to Pitmasters Choice Pellets

We’re a true testament to the craft of small-batch manufacturing, nestled in the heart of Grand Valley, Ontario. I’m Dorian, the proud owner and driving force behind this passionate venture, dedicated to bringing top-notch BBQ essentials right to your grill.


Our roots

At Pitmasters, we are more than just a company; we’re a close-knit team committed to preserving the authenticity of BBQ. Our journey began with a vision to create something truly special for grill enthusiasts – high-quality, small-batch wood pellets and spice rubs, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for the art of BBQ.

Our Pellets

Each bag of Pitmasters Choice Pellets is a labor of love, embodying the spirit of true Canadian craftsmanship. Unlike mass-produced options, our pellets are never warehoused. They travel directly from our facility in Grand Valley to our retailers, ensuring unparalleled freshness and quality. We source our materials with care – our whiskey barrels hail from local Ontario distilleries, and our cherry, oak, and maple woods are all locally sourced. Only our hickory and mesquite are imported, due to their scarcity in Canada. This local sourcing not only supports our community but also allows us to maintain the highest quality standards.

Our commitment to quality extends to our manufacturing process. We use no bark in our wood, ensuring a cleaner burn. Unlike larger manufacturers, we don’t need to add soybean oil as a binder – our fresh, high-quality wood speaks for itself.

Our Spice Rubs

Recently, we’ve expanded our passion for flavor by introducing a line of premium spice rubs. Each blend is crafted with the finest ingredients, prioritizing quality over profit. These rubs are the culmination of our dedication to offering the best to BBQ lovers, ensuring every meal is not just a dish, but an experience.

Our Approach

As a small business, we believe in the power of personal relationships. We work closely with each of our retailers, fostering connections that go beyond mere transactions. This approach has allowed us to understand and meet the needs of our customers better, ensuring we’re not just a supplier, but a trusted partner in their BBQ journey.

Our Commitment

Pitmasters Choice Pellets is a celebration of local production, top-tier quality, and the joy of grilling. By choosing us, you’re not just getting a product; you’re supporting a network of small businesses and a brand that values quality, community, and the pure pleasure of great BBQ.



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